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Online and Offline Cable Testing


Cable testing is conducted in order to:

  • chart the gradual deterioration over time of old cable
  • acceptance proof after a new cable has been installed and before it is energized
  • for verification of splices and joints; and for certain repair operations.

netaDuring new installations of cable and switchgear it is often recommended and required to stress the electrical insulation of cables and switchgear to ensure that there are no defects to the device due to manufacturing flaws, transportation damage or improper installation. These tests are usually performed using an AC or DC hipot, depending on the specification and application. By stressing this equipment in a controlled environment before initial energization you are greatly limiting the chances of a catastrophic fault. Detecting the problems before putting in service allows for repairs to be made preventing damage and increasing personnel safety.

Today, testing and monitoring the condition of medium and high voltage power cables often can’t wait for the annual outage. Online testing services allow for the testing of cables while they are still energized, to quickly determine the overall condition of the cable, both locally in equipment and elevated on poles.

For example, Burlington Electrical Testing (BET) uses the hand held UltraTEV Plus² instrument to assess the state of cables, elbows, splices and terminations.

This instrument quickly determines the general condition of the cable insulation and with its built-in analysis programs can show leakage loss measurement caused by partial discharge which leads to a progressive deterioration of insulating materials, ultimately leading to cable failure.


Offline high potential (hipot) testing involves applying an overvoltage to the cable system for a short duration to verify the dielectric integrity of the system (cable, splices, and terminations). In most cases hipot testing is applied as a pass/fail or go/no-go test. If the cable system does not fail during the test, it is considered to have passed the test and can be placed into or back into service.

So if you are not testing your MV/HV cables now is the time to start. Contact BET’s Kelly Baker for more information or to schedule cable testing.


NFPA 70E 2021

Is your site NFPA 2021 compliant? Is your staff "qualified" or "unqualified" to work on electrical equipment?

Burlington Electrical Testing conducts onsite Arc Flash Hazard Awareness training which provides an understanding of the federal laws (OSHA), potential dangers, as well as the accepted safety practices when personnel are to be exposed to electrical hazards.

This includes defining an arc flash and its effects on the human body, complying with Arc Flash labeling, and the selection and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The Arc Flash Hazard Awareness class is to be part of your overall electrical safety program; therefore, your staff will require a working knowledge of the electrical equipment at their facility, along with the tools, test equipment and available PPE.

The one day class is presented by an instructor certified by NFPA, and the NJACT / NECA to instruct Electrical Safety Related Work Practices based on NFPA70E 2018. Curriculum follows the accompanying Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices text modules and will focus on:

1. Electrical Safety Culture
2. Electrical Hazard Awareness
3. OSHA and NFPA 70E concepts
4. Electrical Safety Program
5. The Control of Hazardous Energy
6. Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
7. Personal Protective Equipment
8. Existing Electrical Equipment

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