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Dielectric Fluid Sampling and Analysis


Burlington Electrical Testing procures oil samples to perform a Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and an Oil Content evaluation of switchgear insulating fluids in accordance with NETA and IEEE/ANSI (C57.104-1991) specifications. Insulation fluids analyzed include Mineral Oils, PCBs, Perc, R-Temp, and Silicone based.

Hydrocarbon, mineral-based, oils are commonly used in transformers as insulating fluids because of their high dielectric strength and chemical stability. Under normal operating conditions little decomposition occurs in these oils. However, under a fault condition, the oil will undergo chemical degradation. This breakdown releases various gases and chemicals into the oil. Only from a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the gases present, is it possible to distinguish such fault processes as Corona, Sparking, Overheating and Arcing occurring in the Transformer.

A Dissolved Gas Analysis can provide:

  • Indication of an ongoing problem
  • Prevention of a serious occurrence such as explosion or sudden outtage
  • Advanced warning of developing faults
  • A determination of the improper use of the apparatus tested
  • Status checks on new and repaired units
  • A means to trend the levels in order to conveniently schedule repairs

The interpretation of data from a DGA can be complex due to the many different characteristics and operating conditions that affect gas formation. Therefore establishing a baseline and performing regular testing and monitoring the content is the best way to determine and control the fault process.

A summary of mineral oil analysis and interpretations can be found here:

  1. Furanic Compound testing is used to determine the approximate age of transformer insulation and to estimate the remaining life of the transformer.
  2. This process is performed by first procuring an insulating fluid sample from a transformer (which can be performed on line), and then analyzing the sample with a Liquid Chromatograph. The chromatograph detects decomposed cellulose compounds in the oil.
  3. The most significant compound is 2-Furfuraldehyde; concentrations of this compound correlate the Degree of Polymerization (DP), which is a number that relates to the average number of D-Glucopyranose monomers present in cellulose chain.
  4. The higher the numbers of D-Glucopyranose monomers present the better the condition of the insulation in the transformer.


NFPA 70E 2021

Is your site NFPA 2021 compliant? Is your staff "qualified" or "unqualified" to work on electrical equipment?

Burlington Electrical Testing conducts onsite Arc Flash Hazard Awareness training which provides an understanding of the federal laws (OSHA), potential dangers, as well as the accepted safety practices when personnel are to be exposed to electrical hazards.

This includes defining an arc flash and its effects on the human body, complying with Arc Flash labeling, and the selection and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The Arc Flash Hazard Awareness class is to be part of your overall electrical safety program; therefore, your staff will require a working knowledge of the electrical equipment at their facility, along with the tools, test equipment and available PPE.

The one day class is presented by an instructor certified by NFPA, and the NJACT / NECA to instruct Electrical Safety Related Work Practices based on NFPA70E 2018. Curriculum follows the accompanying Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices text modules and will focus on:

1. Electrical Safety Culture
2. Electrical Hazard Awareness
3. OSHA and NFPA 70E concepts
4. Electrical Safety Program
5. The Control of Hazardous Energy
6. Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
7. Personal Protective Equipment
8. Existing Electrical Equipment

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